The Lottery Code


In 1995, L.E. Hattingh-Spurgeon discovered a hidden code in the British National Lottery which changed her life.

She struggled for 11 years to break the code without success. Then on a chance visit to a religious bookstore in 2006, she found her codebook, Thayer's Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament coded with Strong's Concordance Numbers.

Soon began the enormous task of deciphering this code which she called "the Lottery Code". Hattingh-Spurgeon maintains that it would have been impossible to break the code without her codebook, Thayer's.

From July 2006 to May 2007, Hattingh-Spurgeon received 302 messages in code from the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit that she was repeatedly told to publish abroad. She checked and deciphered the symbols and translated the text from Greek into English using her codebook.

Hattingh-Spurgeon wrote most of The Lottery Code in a diary format. This proved to be the most effective way to convey the messages which God communicated to human beings through her.

Its messages are powerful and should be read in sequence as they were revealed to her.

"The subjects of the messages vary, from God's presence in the world to events in the Bible to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the Last Judgment".

Hattingh-Spurgeon has the following to say to those who are sceptical about reading The Lottery Code:-

"I can hear some of you asking, "Why should I read the messages in your book when the Bible is all I need?"
Answer: The revelations to me, which are related in this book, do not replace the holy Bible. These revelations do not present a new doctrine or belief: they are based on the words of the Gospel and can add to our spiritual growth.
These revelations are a reminder to the world that God exists.
They reveal God's assessment of our needs at this time and His intervention in human history at the end of the second millennium."

"I can hear others of you asking, "Why should I read the messages in your book when I don't even believe in God or the Bible?" Answer: I know that I can never change your mind by fighting the existing reality. To change your mind, God has given me a new model which is speaking a language you can understand.
It is mathematics."

In The Lottery Code Hattingh-Spurgeon has placed all the facts before you as she was told to do. The result is a book of nearly
400 pages containing messages written in a clear and direct language that anyone can understand.

You will have to decide whether the message of The Lottery Code has any meaning for you.

The Lottery Code by L.E. Hattingh-Spurgeon has not been authorised or endorsed in any way by The National Lottery United Kingdom or its operator, Camelot Group plc.